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cowboy_sBack during the early 1980's, music in my town had become a big venue and big dollar type of thing. La Casa Music Series was the tonic to that particular lack of soul. In fact, all over the US, house concerts and small venues using bars and church's for the performance space began to spring up during those days. It seemed like a true golden period for singer songwriters. Our first show with the Tom Russell Band was a breath of fresh air, and it opened the door to many of the best performers in the world to grace our stage.

La Casa was a monthly or sometimes twice a month effort. Among the performers, too many stood out to review them all here. But oh were those shows ever special to both artist and attendee's...

Out of the tapes two shows made it to the cd market: Fred Eaglesmith and the Flying Squirrels 'from the paradise motel' was first in 1994. David Olney's 'Ghosts In the Wind' was next in 1999. And it is safe to say there is more from where those jewels came from.

So welcome to the Barbed Wire Records website.

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